When you mention Belly Dancing  (Dance Oriental) to most people, their first thoughts are of something rather sleazy, but this is not the case. Belly Dancing is a beautiful, cultural art form that has had a great deal of bad press for far too many years.

Many of you will be attracted to the dance as a way of keeping fit. It will certainly do that for you or you can become involved much deeper. The choice is yours.

The dance goes back to centuries ago and has had many influences over the years and Europe (Spain, Greece and Turkey) has influenced the Arabic dance.

You have all heard the expression "It comes from the heart" well this dance comes from the belly, the source of life.

In ancient times the movements were developed to help women during pregnancy and to prepare for childbirth.

Belly dancing is a dance of women for women by women. It is a celebration of women, a dance by women for womanhood's purposes.
When you do this dance you begin to feel happy.

Many of our students say that the favourite day of the week is belly dance class night. When they leave they feel relaxed happy, less tense and ready to tackle the week again.

The Benefits of belly dancing and good reason so to become a belly dancer.

  1. It enhances general flexibility and suppleness

  2. Tones tummy muscles

  3. Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

  4. Whips your arms into shape

  5. Relieves hand and wrist pain.

  6. Prevents and relieves lower back problems

  7. Stimulates lymphatic function

  8. Strengthens posture

  9. Connects you with your femininity

  10. Improves self-confidence and self esteem

  11. Relieves stress

  12. Engages your brain

  13. Fun and social

  14. It is for all sizes, ages and shapes

  15. It does not feel like exercise when wearing chiffon

  16. You can entertain yourself at the traffic lights practicing chest isolations.

  17. You can put your sewing classes to good use

  18. You can annoy your non-dancing friends, family and co-workers to come and watch your shows.

  19. You can enjoy the improvement in you sex life

  20. You can finally learn to play the cd player

  21. You can get a giggle watching peoples faces when you tell them what you do for fun

  22. And most of all it makes you HAPPY


The most distinguishing feature of belly dancing is certainly the isolated, motions of the abdomen. These circular rolling angular and vibrating movements are all based on natural body movement and it is exactly this that makes belly dancing such a safe form of exercise of people of any age and size.

The flowing movement of hip drop, rolls and pivots that are done during belly dancing utilise the muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, spine and neck and rather than working against the body they work with the body.

During belly dancing the joints and ligaments in you lower back and hips are put though a full range of gentle repetitive motion. If the movements are done correctly, the pelvis is tilted, it tightens the tummy muscles and these movements help to prevent lower back problems, What better way to learn about your body – and how to listen to it !!!

Belly dancing is a creative art, and every woman brings her own experience and personality to her dance, that is where it becomes the ability to transform and transcend through a connection of body and rhythm that is simultaneously primal and cosmic.

Belly dancing is also know as a healing dance
Many women that have been through a trauma have said that they have peace within themselves through the dance. Here we speak from personal experience

The dance is also an expression of motion. From the ecstatic joy in the dynamic music, through the sensuality of smooth undulation and power of the sharp hip movement to the pulsing drum and mystical veil, the moods and emotion of the belly dance reflect the dancers inner life and enhance her connection to her essential self.

As in all form of exercise, please speak to your doctor before you start. If you have previously danced, then during pregnancy is not a problem, but if you have never danced before, it would be best to wait till after the birth, then what a better way to get the tummy into shape and help all the muscles tone themselves while having fun

So come Wiggle and Giggle and join us
Firm up your Tummy
Define your Waistline
Raise your Heart rate
Set your spirit free and find that special beauty with in YOU

Dawn and Wilma