The most difficult lessons for the older women to learn – is how to overcome their upbringing – the rules which were drilled into their minds from infancy

To ENJOY belly dancing you must break all those rules. You will find that you are expressing your inner self and not flaunting your body as you progress into the intricacies of the dance.

You will find a new sense of ME You will learn to “fly” and release your soul. You will be thrilled to experience your feminity and learn to be a new WOMAN.

In the beginning you will feel awkward and feel your body rigid and unyielding but as you progress through the lessons you will feel and see a remarkable difference. You will find that your body movements are an expression of the music and you will become one with the music.

Your friends will see a new person and you will feel calmer and more relaxed.

Discarding your inhibitions will improve all the areas of your life. Belly dancing will free your mind as well as your body.

Do not try and get into other people’s heads (especially your adult children) and worry what they are thinking. They have to live their own lives and you have to live yours. You do not need to worry or care about what other people are thinking about your dancing. Most people will be happy for you, when they see how much you are enjoying yourself. The others do not exist.

This is your play time. You have earned this time for yourself. Many women are treating “belly dancing as a form of gentle exercise, the graceful hip drops, rolls and pivots activate all the muscle groups in the torso, the spine, the neck – following the body’s natural inclinations and not forcing in into unnatural movements.

Belly dancing teaches one how to be in the moment, to be in the body and most of all to feel with the entire being.

We wish that we had known about belly dancing in our child birthing years as it would have helped us to surrender and open more easily to the birth energy. We were told into ante natal classes that “pelvic rocking and deep breathing” helps and assists the birthing process. In belly dancing these moves are  referred to as “belly roll and flutter”. Since life begins in the belly we are get a second chance to get back in touch with our bellies without becoming pregnant.

Something miraculous happens to women as they swirl their veils and isolate their hips. As women we rediscover the magic and mystery of our true feminine energy as belly dancing truly puts one in touch with the profound wisdom and beauty of who we really are. We can be transformed into earth mothers, playful little girls, queens in ornate costumes and seductresses all rolled into one desirable woman.

Belly dancing help reduce the effects of stress.

There is a dancer inside all of us and she just needs to be let out!

Belly dancing is for woman by woman and it knows no boundaries. It is suitable for all ages and all sizes.